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Bill Evans is the founder and Managing Director of Oxford Management Consultants

He is committed to the principles of client-centredness. This means helping organisations to become more effective while supporting, developing and empowering their people. As a consultant and trainer he has been involved in organisational Change and Management Development Projects in commercial, manufacturing ,government and educational organisations in the U.K., Ireland, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, India, The Far East and Australia.

Bill has considerable expertise in, and a strong commitment to, experiential and participative approaches to learning and development. He is very involved in helping other trainers to develop similar skills.

During the past few years, Bill has become increasingly involved in the training and development of internal consultants, helping them to work in a way which is fundamentally client-centred.

Bill is probably the antithesis of the traditional trainer. His is a non-prescriptive, straight forward approach. He is  more interested in helping participants experiment and practise new skills and behaviour than making presentations.

He is co-author of  the best selling book - ' Consulting for Real People '  published by McGraw Hill and also ' Training for Total Quality Management ' published by Kogan Page. He has also written a range of experiential training manuals in personal development, management and sales which have been sold throughout the world and translated into several languages.

Bill works extensively with CDR, is part of the Management of Change Group and Client-Centred Consulting International.


  Bill Evans  
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