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As a manager do you occasionally feel overworked, under valued, over whelmed,
- with little time to think clearly about your strategic goals?

In today's high pressured work environment there is little time to sit back and take stock. Busy managers and their colleagues don't feel they have time to listen and reflect on what they, or the organisation, are really trying to achieve. Instead they are caught up in exhausting (but often exciting) fire fighting, political intrigue and frustrating meetings. Important decisions and actions are often taken in stressed, pressured situations. This means that strategic planning, empowerment and work life balance are subjects that are talked about but rarely implemented.

Executive coaching is a real opportunity for key decision makers to spend some time exploring, planning and deciding on important goals, principles, policies and strategies. Your coach provides you with the space, time, structure and processes you need, in order to decide on how best to move forward. This is done in a safe, confidential, face to face situation with a good balance of support and challenge.

All our client centered coaches are experienced managers and consultants. They also have additional skills and experience in counselling, psychology and personal development.

Home > Courses > Executive Coaching More Info | Book Now
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