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We offer a wide range of inter-personal skills and team development programmes which are specifically designed to meet the needs of your organisation.

We have designed and run tailor made personal skills programmes for many organisations, covering topics such as:

  • Contracting Skills

    A one day programme for consultants and change agents, designed to help them develop the contracting skills they need to work more effectively with client managers and teams.

  • Contracting for Team Development

    A 1-2 day programme designed to help a leadership team clarify their current team culture, and then work on agreeing a more productive future culture

  • Managing Conflict

    Conflict and difference lies at the heart of organisational life. People who work together are likely to have different goals, values, needs, ideas, attitudes and perceptions.

    This workshop to help individuals and teams to manage these differences effectively so that conflict becomes the source of creative tension, energy, problem solving, and success.

  • Influencing Skills

    In this programme participants practise and develop the skills required in order to influence - a key one being, paradoxically, listening!

  • Assertion Skills

    An opportunity to develop assertiveness skills in a way that develops confidence, self awareness and self esteem.

  • Counselling In The Workplace

    An introduction to the skills required to listen, empathise and support employees coping with difficult circumstances, and to help them recognise where expert help may be appropriate.

  • Listening Skills

    Effective listening is the skills that lies at the heart of personal effectiveness. This one day programme was designed to help team leaders be more effective when working with individuals and groups

  • Facilitation Skills

    A programme for individuals who are required to facilitate groups from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds in the decision making process.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss how similar events might contribute to the development of people in your organisation.


Home > Courses > Personal Skills Programmes More Info | Book Now
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