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  Team Development  
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The Concept

A team is any group of people that need to work together to produce a result, whether that be within a department, across functions or across companies. We believe that in a good team, members feel valued and recognised as individuals. They communicate well and are open to giving and receieving feedback. They are willing to listen and prepared to work hard to help and support each other. Conflict is recognised and managed, differences appreciated and good results are celebrated. As a result there is a high level of commitment and acheivement.

Course Aims

We use this workshop with teams to:

  • Establish and build trusting relationships
  • Clarify goals
  • Understand and exchange expectations
  • Create a team culture
  • Develop the listening skills required to support one another
  • Recognise and manage conflict
  • Confront difficulties
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Build self esteem

We can design this programme to meet the needs of your organisation or team. Please contact us for further details.

Home > Courses > Team Development More Info | Book Now
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